Research and innovation at the Sint Maartenskliniek

The Sint Maartenskliniek is a hospital specialized in the treatment of posture and movement disorders and in behavioral dysfunctions as a result of brain damage.
The hospital has a long-standing tradition in fundamental as well as clinical research in orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine, rheumatology and associated disciplines.

The institute Research, Development and Education (RD&E) of the Sint Maartenskliniek supports the quest for evidence and practice-based medicine in all disciplines of the hospital. At the RD&E institute, scientists work in close collaboration with specialists of the clinical departments and staff members assigned to quality issues to form multidisciplinary groups. The focus is on improving the evidence base of interventions.

This website provides information on current scientific research projects and innovations at the RD&E institute.

If you need help on your own research project, or when you are looking for a research partner, examine the "contract research" pages.