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Contract Research

The Sint Maartenskliniek has a long standing-tradition in fundamental as well as clinical research in orthopedic surgery, rehabilitation medicine, rheumatology and associated disciplines. The institute Research, Development & Education shows an increased number of studies to evaluate the quality and (cost) effectiveness of health care. To support the evaluation of therapies, the Sint Maartenskliniek has an independed Contract Research Organisation.

What the CRO can do for you
As a certified CRO we can support your entire clinical study from beginning to the end. But we can also provide immediate assistance in a small single task you might encounter.

Tasks within clinical research we can do for you:

How we will do this
From the start of the clinical study we will take the lead in key tasks of the clinical study. Where the principle investigator will remain in the lead of the project, specified tasks will be levied by the CRO. One scientist will coordinate all study related tasks. Regular status reports will ensure managerial overview. Important landmarks are initiation visits and start-up meeting, monitoring of (first) patients, and final report of the clinical study.

The CRO can source from a large base of clinical research professionals with expertise in the clinical setting and trained in appropriate tasks. We have an extensive network of clinical research professionals to add to our core scientists. Most have gained their experience in hospital setting.

Standard Operating Procedures
As a certified CRO we work with tested Standard Operating Procedures to ensure quality. The associated departments we rely on during a study like the gait laboratory and th clinical laboratory are also certified and have their own Operating Procedures.

The quality system of the Contract Research Organisation of the Sint  Maartenskliniek (CRO Sint Maartenskliniek Nijmegen) conforms to the international standard of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) ) and the European standard clinical investigation of medical devices for human subjects - Good Clinical Practice (ISO/DIS 14155:2008).

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