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Rehabilitation studies

The rehabilitation studies conducted in Nijmegen can best be described as follows:
"Research directed toward exploring and studying ways to influence central adaptation and compensation processes that form the physiological and neuropsychological basis for functional recovery" after neurological insult. The studies have an applied clinical character and are generally conducted within the Rehabilitation Center at the Sint Maartenskliniek. Occasionally, more fundamental investigations may be initiated. In these studies Research, Development & Education cooperates with the department of rehabilitation at the University Medical Center Sint Radboud.

Rehabilitation in Nijmegen has been set up as a network. One rehabilitation staff, comprising of personnel of the Sint Maartenskliniek, the University Medical Center Sint Radboud, the Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital as well as the Rivierenland Hospital in Tiel and the Maas Hospital in Boxmeer, provides the health care. Parallel to this patient care, health care research is performed within the network. The main goal of this research is to answer hypotheses arising from clinical practice, through patient-oriented research into the mechanisms of adaptation and compensation after neurological damage. Moreover, the effectiveness of clinical care processes aimed at fostering adaptation and compensation is evaluated. Rehabilitation Medicine is among the most expensive treatments in medicine. Therefore, MTA components of healthcare delivery are also object of research. These findings may lead to new clinical treatments or to modifications of existing treatments.