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Studies on rheumatic conditions and their treatment

Rheumatic diseases have serious negative consequences for the patient's physical, psychological and social functioning. At the Department of Rheumatology of the Sint Maartenskliniek research is initiated in collaboration with RD&E with the aim to improve treatment. Therefore, interaction between research and clinical practice is intensive.


Drug treatment
Recent advances in drug treatment have considerably improved disease outcome for some patient groups in the longer term. Researchers associated with the Department of Rheumatology of the Sint Maartenskliniek initiate and participate in pharmacotherapeutic and basic science research. This line of research is focused on the improvement of the therapeutic effects of drug treatment.

Multidisciplinary treatments
Despite optimal drug treatment, many patients with rheumatic diseases experience loss of physical function often accompanied with loss in social and psychological functioning as well. Therefore, improvement of the efficacy of multidisciplinary treatment by allied health care professionals is also an important focus of research of the Sint Maartenskliniek.